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Gigs in Scotland are arranged!

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Scotland tour May 2012

During a great moment and nice drink with the band in 2011, we decided to do a tour in Scotland. Not to make big money, or to drag in a record deal. Nothing of the kind. Then why you may ask? We all had our own reasons: Ellis and Dominique thought it a good idea to spend some time together, besides rehearsing every week, Bert would love to finally see Scotland, Jos would look forward to cross the North Sea by ferry and Jan wouldn’t mind tasting the whisky. But it was for one reason that we all had in common: music. We wanted to see the Scottish music scene in its full glory, to feel and to live it. Scotland as the Walhalla of the pub music; spontaneous, honest and pure.

After having made the necessary arrangements, calculation of the expenses, planning the date, we booked our transfer by sea and lodging. Jan has been able to arrange a trailer to fit in our PA and instruments and so, Take a Seat will start its voyage by car; oversees to Scotland. From Saturday 5th May till Sunday 13th May, Take a Seat will be on tour in Scotland.

Now (February) we need to book the gigs, and the rest will go by itself. After our tour, you can read our experiences on this site. Should you want to contribute to this Take a Seat Scotland tour (financially); please contact us. We might be able to mean something to one another.

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